Good Stuff | 28/10 - 3/11

If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, you’ll know I’ve been doing a kind of sporadic feature on my Instastories. Now I’ve got this fancy-ass blog I feel like this is as good a place as any to archive these finds.

‘Good Stuff’ is pretty simple, every week I put favourites I find on Instagram into a collection folder and share! Instagram has been such a helpful boost to my business, I love sharing the love - I try and keep a nice mix between The Big Lads and Undiscovered Gems and I’m not restricting myself to just sharing illustrators. I find inspiration everywhere!

Let’s get started...

Jasper Vangestel for Lidl Belgium

Jasper Vangestel is a polymath (animator, illustrator, tattoo artist, painter and cool dude) based in Antwerp, Belgium.

The Hearty Bag by Susan Alexandra

This one inspired me so much I’ve been scouring Etsy for vintage beads all week! Susan Alexandra is a NYC based studio, each piece is made by hand creating sustainable jobs for craftspeople. They’re rad.

David Mendez Alonso for Outsiders Division SS20

David Mendez Alonso is the director at clothing brand Outsiders Division. I can best describe their clothes as ‘clown witch wardrobe’ - aka my exact vibe.

Hattie Stewart for The New York Times Kids Edition

Art director Najeebah Al-Ghadban and London-based illustrator Hattie Stewart smaaaaashed this one. Hattie’s website is also SUPER fun so definitely put aside an hour or two today to mess around with it. (Also I love people who shout out their art directors.)

Karl Joel Larsson

I’m a fan of two specific things: table flat lays and Karl Joel Larsson. It’s the visual equivalent of a massage.

Zac Fay for Skinny Dipper Mag

Zac Fay is an illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. I’m a BIG fan. This editorial piece with Skinny Dipper magazine is lovely - as are Skinny Dipper. They’re taking a new direction and I’m very excited! Check out their website for more info on that.

Ok that’s it folks! I’ll be back tomorrow with last weeks. (God knows I’m good at falling behind on stuff.)