#chariteesforrefugees Holly St Clair x Mosaik

Myself and 10 other creatives have partnered up with Print Social and Mosaik to create a range of t-shirts and tote bags to support their cause. 

The piece I made is inspired by a quote from one of the young people benefiting from the charity, they spoke about how education is like walking down a long path towards a sunset. It instantly brought an image into my mind!

Mosaik is a charity helping refugees access higher education. Only 3% of refugees get the opportunity to go to university, compared to 37% of global youth. They do amazing work, so definitely have a look at what they do here

Print Social requires at least 5 of the tees to be bought before the design goes to print. It’s a campaign process - so you have 28 days to order your tees and that is it! Definitely worth checking out early on. Make sure you share the designs you like with your friends!

You can purchase my design here.