In Collaboration Project for Everpress

I have teamed up with super-star illustrator and all around good person Martina Martian to create a new tee for Everpress. Find Spring Within is our artistic response to nationwide lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here's what Martina has to say about it:

Although we’re staying indoors this Spring, we can still find the joy and beauty that Spring brings within ourselves. This tee is a reminder to keep a positive mindset and self reflect. Flowers continue to blossom, plants continue to grow, and so can we.

Find Spring Within

The tee comes in a variety of colourful shades in long sleeve and short sleeve editions. You can pre-order it now for 21 days, after 3 weeks the tees go into production and then it's done! Everpress is an excellent alternative to fast-fashion as they only print as many t-shirts as people order.

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