hOLly St CLAIr kEYboAARd bROJKE in London, UK.. ☺

Holly St Clair ☺


A compact mirror featuring the face of a person suffering with acne, they have stretch marks on their stomach. The acne is painful and on literal fire!
White satin hand-bag painted with an illustration of a can reading: 'Gelareh's Happy Soup'
Collection of gold jewellery pieces covered in doodle-style illustrations.
Gif of the illustrations, black line on white background. The illustrations show anthropomorphised office stationery.
Green skatepark covered in white animals skateboarding.
Gif of a campfire with a saucepan holding a breakfast meal: sausages, egg, ham, and bread.
Rainbow with two smiley clouds about text reading: 'We're apart but still connected.'
The text reads 'Shall we clear the air?' The illustration around it shows an overgrown tangle of daisies, bees and grass.
Series of images of greeting cards, wrapping paper, and other stationery.
Gif showing montage of clips from film 'Love Me Not'
Illustration of a bunch of bananas wearing cool dude sunglasses.
Looping gif animation of a tattoo gun tattooing a smiley face onto a pink letter 'M'.
A brown hand holds a red watering can and tends to a garden of colourful flowers with sassy faces.